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Explore the beauty of Ireland with a Connecticut connection at Bellinter House

Brian Spyros, News 8 Reporter - NAVAN, Meath, Ireland (WTNH) -- When you think of Ireland, scenes of rolling green hills with sheep grazing in the fields come to mind. It's why people fall in love with the Irish country-side; and that's also where you'll find Bellinter House.

Paul Beehan, General Manager of Bellinter House, said that guest often compare the palatial countryside to a certain British TV show.

The initial drive up it's a beautiful half of kilometer drive to see the house. People compare it to a Downton Abbey experience. Wow."

Located less than an hour outside Dublin, in the town of Navan, the property defines Irish style and class.

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"From the outside it's a traditional Georgian country manor, but when you come in, it's a completely different experience," Beehan said.

First, a bit of history from Front Office Manager Shiyra Faulkner.

"The house was built 250 years ago. It was a stately home for the Preston family. It was passed down through generations. Eventually, the last people who owned it where the Brisco's."

From there, it became a convent.

In 2003, it was purchased and renovated into a boutique hotel. Doug Conrod, a Connecticut native, now co-owns this property.

"I got a call from a friend about purchasing the property, and said let's do this"

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So News 8 flew across the Atlantic to check it out. At first glance -- you feel like you're stepping back in time, and most guests will agree.

"But when they actually come in the front door they are really surprised, because the interior doesn't reflect what it would be on the outside," Beehan said.

Some of the words used to describe it all, modern, contemporary, even shabby chic.

From the game room, to the library, even the drawing room, one of the biggest attractions, adorned with what's called "grafitti art". Every single picture is a conversation piece; from period paintings to drawings.

And everything you need is right here on the property. The pool and the spa, food and drinks, and of course, your accommodations.

The rooms are pretty lavish, with the benefits of modern technology.

"It's a stately home. It's a home away from home," said Baheen. "I think our staff are well known for our warm Irish welcome, definitely."

On the drive from Dublin to Bellinter House, there are also a number of places to visit. Many of them filled with history, from the hill of Tara to Trim Castle.

In fact, scenes from the movie 'Braveheart' were filmed here. These sites, along with Bellinter House, attract a number of people to this area.

You meet so many people here that you wouldn't meet on an average day at an average hotel."

"It's an entirely different world out there," Falukner said. "Dublin is very touristy it's a great place to visit but if you are looking for a great authentic irish experience this is more it. The country an old house like this you really experience Ireland."

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