Acting Alongside Al Pacino in "Paterno": Connecticut-Based Actor Harry Thomas

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) - "Paterno" is the new HBO film, highliting the upsetting turmoil surrounding Penn State Football Head Coach, Joe Paterno - in his final years. 

The film follows the dark journey of the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Connecticut-based writer, producer, and actor, Harry Thomas played the role of Coach Larry Johnson Sr. in the film. Thomas explains his experience acting alongside Al Pacino, who portrays Paterno. 

Thomas was hand-selected as part of the cast by Director, Barry Levinson. He spent two weeks filming the movie in Long Island, but was unable to speak of his role until the film was released.

Thomas explains why Pacino was the right guy for the role, and if Pacino will be nominated for an Oscar for the film. 

You can watch Paterno, streaming on HBO.  


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