Cruisin' Connecticut

Cruisin' Connecticut- Magic Matinee at Mohegan Sun

UNCASVILLE, Conn. (WTNH)-- We’re calling this funny Friday, and we're Cruisin' Connecticut to the Commix Comedy Club at Mohegan Sun. Ryan Kristafer stopped by to get a preview of Jim Spinnato's Magic Matinee this Sunday.

"Monthly I'm here doing a hypnosis show, and now starting Sunday I'm doing a weekly comedy magic show. I have just as much fun… if not more fun than the audience," said Spinnato.

Spinnato started his magical career 20 years ago opening shows for a hypnotist.

"When they react positively, it makes everything worth it. It's so much fun, man," said Spinnato.

Now he does both… so over the years how many people has he hypnotized?

"It's been 20 years and I do colleges, so thousands I would say."

Spinnato's hypnosis show has had crowds laughing across the country.

"Under hypnosis, people are dealing with their subconscious mind instead of their conscious mind. They still know exactly what's going on. They have free choice, free will. So they're not like in a zombie state."

Well… that's just how Ryan felt trying to crack Jim's card trick!

So is this whole magic thing really real?

Spinnato answered, "see you Sunday, at the Comix Comedy Club at Mohegan Sun Casino. 5 p.m."


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