Cruisin' Connecticut

Cruisin' Connecticut – Savory Selections at Milford Restaurant Week

MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) - Today we're Cruisin' Connecticut, celebrating Milford Restaurant Week! One of the 26 participating restaurants gets its name from a historical landmark.

The Milford hot spot lies right behind a historic bridge made of stone... that was built to commemorate the 44 founding families when Milford was settled in 1639.

Yup. You guessed it: Stonebridge! The restaurant was originally a fish market, and was later transformed into the popular restaurant by Owner, Rich Conine.

Conine explains the history:

My father owned the fish market and I got my father to retire and that was it. He started here in 1949. And I hear a big celebration is coming around the corner for you. Yes 50 years… I've been working here since 1967.

The restaurant gave us a look in the kitchen, and whipped up one of their restaurant week specials: Mussels Gorgonzola.

Prince Edward Island mussels, we get from Connecticut Shellfish. Diced tomatoes, chopped bacon, and some roasted garlic. We glaze the pan with white wine and a little scoop of stock. There's the Gorgonzola.

Check out the full list of participating restaurants here!

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