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ORANGE, Conn. (WTNH) -  Cruisin' Connecticut is presented by Middlebury Consignment. Today we are headed to Orange, where you can enhance your outdoor living space with the art of casual living at Porch & Patio.

Jeff Heitmann started working at the store out of high school, and is now the owner: 

We've been in business for over 67 years, since 1951. We like to consider ourselves the experts in outdoor living. But you'll also be dealing with casual living experts, meaning that people will now understand your outdoor living space and provide you with the right type of furniture and product for that space.

Some points to ponder: 

How many people do you normally have over? Is dining more important than deep-seating? Have you ever thought about a fire pit at night?

Jeff and I took in sights of one of the beautiful fire pits: 

Yeah, can't you just envision it, you're outside in the evening with a bunch of friends, hanging out around the fire pit. We can go all the way up to a 54-inch round dining top, if people wanna have some fire while they're eating their food basically. All this glass, there's about 20 or 30 different types of variations, different colors that you can do.

Heitmann is proud of the first-class service Porch & Patio continues to provide: 

We are not a big box store, obviously, we're a small company, so we have customers literally second or third generation, somebody will come in and say oh my grandparents bought furniture here.

Watch this video to see more of my adventure at Porch & Patio, and learn more about Porch & Patio, here.

VisitPorch & Patio today: 363 Boston Post Road, Orange, CT 


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