Fairfield's McKinley School gets new flag after student's letter

FAIRFIELD,Conn. (WTNH) -  When third grader Adeline "Addy" Steger from McKinley Elementary School in Fairfield noticed the American flag flying over her school was tattered, she contacted Senator Tony Hwang for help.

When her grandfather, a retired police officer, Sam Fischer picked her up from school she noticed that the flag at McKinley was " ripped and torn around the edges." He suggested writing an email to their local senator, and the next day she did.

But, her short email to the senator requests more than just a new flag.  

"Poppa told me that if I write a letter to our senator it's possible that you might be able to get us a new flag that had been flown over our State Capitol building." Her email reads, and within a couple of hours she got her response, and her request, Fischer said.  

Senator Tony HWang (R - Fairfield) contacted the family and arranged for the American flag at her school to be replaced with the one that flew over the State Capitol. Hwang said it was a "wonderful gesture by a third grader to write, and care so deeply about the wellbeing of an American symbol."

During the schools flag day ceremony over a month later the senator and McKinley faculty presented Addy with her school's new American flag. Fairfield Veterans were present to help retire the flag and raise the new one as McKinley Singers sang It's a Grand Old Flag.

Historians believe the tradition of celebrating our country's flag began in the 1800's.

In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson issued an official proclamation for nationwide observance of Flag Day, but it wasn't until 1949 that President Harry Truman signed an act of Congress designating the 14th day of June every year as national Flag Day.

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