Firefighters practice search and rescue drills at Enders State Park

GRANBY, Conn. (WTNH) -- As darkness falls and the sun sets at Enders State Park, firefighters are getting ready to go back into the woods to practice what they have already had to do almost a half a dozen times in this early spring season.

Dep. Chief Tim Weber of the Lost Acres Fire Department says hikers slip on the rocks and end up in critical condition before needing to be rescued.

"We have had five calls up here already at Enders. Typically, we only average somewhere between three to five for the year so that the fact that we are already at five and it's not even July, it's very telling for us," he said.

Those numbers are just the rescues. There have been a lot of close calls. Shaun Morrissey has seen some crazy things when he is at the falls in Granby.

"It is super dangerous to walk across the falls. I have seen a woman walk across the falls carrying a baby and she almost fell," Morrissey said.

One thing to keep in mind whether you're at Enders State Park or Sleeping Giant, Dep. Chief Weber says when you make a stupid move, it puts them in jeopardy.

"It is very dangerous. We have had firefighters twist and fall injuries, bee stings. We can have exposure issues if somebody ends up in the water without a cold water suit...things like that," he said.

Dep. Chief Weber says it takes about 45 rescuers for a single injured person. He urges caution and always to remember to bring a cell phone so you can call for help if you need it.

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