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City of New Haven proposes changes to parking meters based on demand

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) - The City of New Haven is proposing changes to parking meters with the goal of making parking easier to find in the Elm City.

Doug Hausladen is the Director of Transportation, Traffic and Parking for the City of New Haven.

He said, "Right now we are finding a lot of our streets have no parking for anyone when you come into town."

Doug Hausladen told News 8 the city is looking to adjust parking rates based on demand.

Hausladen added, "Our big challenges have been visitor parking, residential parking and monthly parking for business employees."

Drivers told News 8 that parking spots downtown aren't easy to come by. Lorraine Reed added, "I work downtown, I work on Meadow Street and I walk over here because it is hard to find a parking spot."

Pat Consiglio said, "I live in Guilford and I have to come in here and it's always a struggle getting parking."

Premium zones where the demand is high would go up.

Hausladen said, "Our intention is to every quarter adjust rates by a quarter. Every quarter by a quarter."

Not everyone likes the idea.

Reed said, "I think that it won't be fair due to the taxes already going up in New Haven so I disagree with it."

Victoria Batts said, "It sucks for us being residents. It doesn't help us at all. It really hurts our pockets."

Barbara Sabia added, "I think parking is already crazy from what I understand so I think raising the rates is not going to be particularity helpful."

Discount areas where the demand is lower would see a drop at the meter.

Hausladen added, "Around the Audubon Arts district, around the Elm Street area and around the Government Center in the evening hours we are looking to be a discount zone."

Hausladen said the program would free-up premium spaces downtown.

He continued, "It means that parking is going to be available and waiting for you when you come into town. You'll start to see digital wave finding that tells you where garage availability is so in case you are going to be here for longer you can stop circling the block looking for parking on the streets and get off the block and get into one of the garages."

Not everyone is convinced.

Sabia said, "I'll believe it when I see it." Batts added, "I don't think that's a good idea raising prices. We already have high taxes."

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