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Storm clean up underway in Hamden, residents in shock over scope of damage

HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) - The sound of chainsaws echoed across Hamden

"A mess. Hamden is mess," said one resident.

Trees and power lines scattered everywhere. The clean-up now underway. 

"You're looking around and you're like how are you going to do this, we'll figure something out," said Jill Scheibenpflug, seasonal park ranger at Sleeping Giant State Park. She also lives on the property. She was home as the storm came in, taking cover in the basement. 

"It's almost like you were in the middle of it so you couldn't hear," said Scheibenpflug. "All you could hear is wind, but I was amazed when I stepped out the door."

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What she saw was devastation. Dozens and dozens of trees down in the park -- debris everywhere. Cars were even buried under all the tree limbs and brush. All entry points, blocked off. The park is currently closed because of the damage. 

"It's insane because you can notice trees are uprooted. There's no roots in the ground," said Tori Laugeni from Hamden. 

Neighborhoods a mess as well. Several trees feel across the street, bringing down lines and blocking the road. 

"At one point the wind, as I was watching it, took a swirl and you could hear trees snapping and falling all round home," said Thomas Graf. 

Route 10 going from North Hamden into Cheshire is closed to traffic as crews work to fix downed power lines, detouring drivers during their ride to work. 

"I thought we were in the calm for a while. We were done with snow. It was going to be spring, and it's chaos already," said Gabrielle Burkart from Hamden.

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