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Northford man recovering after tree crashes on home

Northford man recovering after tree crashes on home

NORTHFORD, Conn. (WTNH) - Winds were so strong they toppled a 50 foot tree right on the Burns family home.

Sorting through the mess, the loss soaks in.

Through tears Laura Burns said, "I've got stuff that my grandmother made me for Christmas that's upstairs that if it's ruined I'll never get it back."

Supper still sits on the stove from Tuesday night. Laura and Michael Burns had just sat down in the living room when they say the sky turned black.


"All of a sudden, this thing came flying through the whole house," said Burns. 

She's talking about  this 50 foot oak tree. Debris knocked Michael to the floor.

"I was lying on the ground and crawling across the living room floor on my hands and knees," said Michael. 

Laura said, "He went down, I was screaming, I'm trying to dial 911."

Firefighters helped get them out so they could stay with family. 

Over in Wallingford, trees got tangled in wires in front of the historical society and this storm might just make the record books. 

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Gerry Farrell Senior says it's the worst damage he's seen in more than fifty years.

"When we came up from the cellar and looked out the back window, we were amazed to see it totally down, but relieved to see it missed everything," said Farrell.

The Burns weren't so lucky.  Michael is recovering from open heart surgery and now his back is throbbing. 

"My chest is a little sore. The back hurts but we're still moving but I guess that's a good thing. Hopefully the house can be replaced," said Michael.



Laura, said "I've got so many memories in this house and I don't want to lose it."

Laura called the insurance adjuster to see how much all of this is going to cost.

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