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The future of West Haven's shoreline

WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)-- Some West Haven locals told News 8 they want a vibrant shoreline again.

Chick's empty building on Beach street is in the shadow of other abandoned buildings.

"It's not good for West Haven tax payers like myself or people who want to enjoy the shoreline and want some place to eat," said Ben Vaill.

"They should get rid of them. I mean it's not good for the city," said Bob Chomiak.

Captain's Galley and Debonair Beach Motel have been closed for years. The city is getting calls from developers asking about the beach street area. Currently the Chick's property is in a trust and up for sale.

"It's a private piece of property. It's owned by a family. It's owned by a trust. It's not something that the city can just come in and say this is what I want," said West Haven Mayor Ed O'Brien.

The city is clearing up some rumors the mayor says the baseball park and skate park which are city owned will stay. City officials said there is more misinformation floating around.

"I hear there's a resort looking over there on the city side we've heard nothing about that," said Mayor O'Brien.

Locals told News 8 about changes they would like to see to Beach St.

"A Drive in, like a movie drive in. Think about it you are out here it's gorgeous," said Jennifer Holeck.

"Houses, development houses," said Jimmy Dallard.

"More restaurants. something to bring people into West Haven," said Chomiak.

Another possibility for the shoreline?

"There's also the federal program where we purchase some houses and return it back to marsh land and help flooding up stream," said Mayor O'Brien.

Mayor Ed O'Brien has a vision for the shoreline community.

"I would like to see a mix. I would like to see some residential some commercial but I think that it's a great opportunity the shoreline has a huge economic impact on the future of West Haven," said Mayor O'Brien.

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