Some seeking digital detox in 2018

(ABC News) -- Modern life is dominated by the smartphone.

Nowadays, the creeping of technology into our lives has reached a breaking point for many.

Digital life coach Aaron Schiller says we have to get disciplined.

"With any change you make, you have to set a goal or have some mindset that you are going to do less or more," he explained. "If you're going to not eat sugar, like, you have to kind of wake up in the day and say, 'I am going to eat less sugar today...'"

The first step in a digital detox is to take back control. For example, taming notifications. You do not need to look at your phone every time a retailer's app blasts a sale notification. So, go to settings, click notifications and get serious about turning them off.

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Now, let's talk about email. The big intrusion is from work. Do you really need to be on call all the time?

"There is no life-work balance anymore," said Schiller. "Now, it's about life-work integration. If you tell your boss, your co-workers, your employees, 'Hey, from 6-9 I'm gonna be with my family so don't email me, don't call me, don't text and I'm gonna do the same,"

Next, get ruthless with social media.

Toxic people or friends who post too many political rants? Easy unfriend, or at least, unfollow.

Finally, put your phone down and create rooms in your house that are tech-free.

There are even apps to help you with this arduous task. One is called Onward and another is called Moment. They track your usage to let you know how many times you fire up Facebook and then they gently nudge you when you've spent the last hour on Instagram.

One step at a time, find a digital balance.

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