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WTNH.com Staff - As part of our commitment to comprehensive campaign coverage, News 8 reached out to every candidate running for Congress or the U.S. Senate from Connecticut. We offered each of them a chance to post a profile on WTNH.com, and an opportunity to do a 5-minute interview with Ann Nyberg. The information below was provided to us by the candidate themselves.

Name: Angel Cadena

Political Party: Republican

Age: 35

Education: BS Political Science various trades and certifications

Profession: Truck Driver

Hometown: Shelton

Religion: Catholic

Elections and Appointments: Ran for State Comptroller 2014

What is your plan to create more jobs in Connecticut?

Deregulate startups (should take less than 24 hours to create a business) simplify tax code and integrate it with the business bank account. Incentives to include an ever increasing line of credit which corresponds directly to a percentage of taxes paid. After a period of time to be determined and a responsible use of the credit along with a reasonable growth a loan sufficient enough to expand the business will be in order. Employees will have the option of being paid daily almost instantaneously after completing work. There personal bank account will immediately distribute a percentage of their daily pay to various bills and savings accounts what's left over will be rounded down to the nearest whole dollar and "the fee" will be split between the State and the bank in order to ensure prompt and accurate handling of all accounts. The employees will have cash on hand everyday and the bills will be paid. More consumerism and the economy revs to its maximum efficiency. Full time work for paying taxes and bills will be calculated to 90% of a totals years work(this will ensure that if the employee works all year, without taking no more than sick and vacation days off; during the holiday season they will pocket 100% of the money they earn because all the bills for the year have been taken care of. Also no more taxing overtime pay. It kills the incentive to want to better yourself and hurts the economy in the long run.

How would you lower taxes?

Incrementally so as not to ignite inflation. As income taxes are brought down at the federal level and if we are paid daily(as tied in to my example above) we can study how the velocity of money is moving through our economy in real time instead of waiting for a quarter year. The problem now is that taxes are so high that they are sucking the currency out of the economy before it has a chance to help more than a handful of people. Money being spent has a multiplying effect which is negated every time a tax goes up. We all benefit from lower taxes. Some politicians don't think so but what they fail to understand that the money is eventually going to end up in the coffers anyways why not let us spend it and pay some bills first.How would you improve race relations?

Legalize Cannabis and mandate that the social lounges are to be opened in and are to benefit financially those communities that were destroyed by the war on drugs which ripped families apart and did almost irreparable damage to the minority community. People from all over the region will flock to those places and learn first hand the damage that irresponsible laws do and solutions will abound while providing a financial boosts and new coalitions between individuals that would otherwise never cross paths.

How would you better prepare our country to fight terrorism?

On the Homefront we must secure our borders. Refugees that are not women and children need to stay in their country and fight their own war. If they are unable or unwilling to fight they will be provided a safe zone until they either grow old and die or grow a pair of balls. The women and children will be returned to their homeland and their men once they take back what is rightfully theirs. The incentive being that they would want their families back.

What is your plan to deal with immigration?

Border wall 1st and foremost its 30 years past due when it was first agreed upon during the last round of amnesty. Biometric system which can be immediately accessed by all law enforcement agencies in the country. Deport the violent criminals. Allow American citizens the ability to sponsor ONE illegal individual for a temporary Visa. If they want more to stay they can swap citizenship with another and they can leave the country... So to reiterate ONE individual sponsorship. If the illegal individual proves to be detrimental to society either by committing a crime or not attempting to pull their weight then the visa will be cancelled and they get deported. The American gets their ONE sponsorship back if they would like to try again.

How would you deal with guns and gun owners' rights?

The Constitution has no bounds and neither should our rights. Any place an American that has not broken the unwritten Social contract and can otherwise own a gun should be able to take his arms anyplace in this damn country... Period.

How would you improve gender inequality?

Technology will be the great equalizer. Giving women and men the exact same maximum capabilities. I realized this while serving in the Marine Corps. We had gun turrets in top of our vehicles and it didn't matter if it was 110 lb female or a 195 lb guy the rounds left the barrel at the exact same speed and hit the targets just the same. We also got paid the exact same depending on rank and not gender. Except the married Marines they got paid more. But that's discrimination of single people. That's for another day.

How would you address the current system of campaign financing?

Take the influence of money out of general elections by having how many number of candidates in an individual race split equally whatever money is raised. Instead of donors donating to an individual candidate to garner influence they will donate anonymously to the specific race. This does several things first it turns the races into who can spend so much money on so much stuff into which candidate can spend the money most efficiently. Second it takes the need to actively fundraise all year round. Third if a candidate wants to add their own money they then have to strategize on how much damage their opponent can do with that same amount of money. Hopefully this efficiency mindset and doing only things that works will transfer into the best elected officials that think this way when making our laws.

Each candidate will get their debit card(s) and at the end of each week they will certify what they spent their money on and if it's within the bounds of to be determined official campaign business. They can ask for donations for a race as a whole. There will no longer be limits because there may be numerous candidates in a race. It will show which races are heated by the amount of money raised or by how much candidates contribute to the race. And it takes the influence out of politics because no one will never know for sure who donated what and how much because they will only know the grand total to be distributed to the campaigns every week.

How would you address environmental issues?

Invest in clean fuel technology, renewable energy and innovative new ways to recycle the trash that's destroying our oceans. Then allow these innovations to openly and freely compete in the market to see which one or more are efficient and cost effective and thereby the best for America in the long haul.

Why should voters cast their ballot for you on November 8th?

Many years ago I put my life on hold and sacrificed financial security, relationships and time with friends and family in order to drag myself, kicking and screaming to a place (Congress) where I felt my ideas and talents can be best put to use to help America and by proxy the world. I've limped, scratched and clawed my way from the lowest rungs of society in Chicago throughout the country working countless odd jobs and around the world as a Marine and now I sit at the door of Congress. The hard work is done... it's out of my hands and now I'm counting on you to fill in a little circle next to my name so that I can continue on with my mission.

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