Trading your old devices for cash

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) -- Holiday shopping is underway and if you are planning on giving or receiving electronics this year, don't throw away the old ones so fast. You could put some money back in your pocket by trading the old ones in.

This may be a good option for anyone looking to make a little cash from your devices you're no longer using or buy a previously owned device for a much better price than when you're buying brand new. Stores are competing with low prices to entice you to upgrade but as you take the plunge, don't be so quick to toss the old devices into the back of your closet.

"People are surprised at how much value is still in their unwanted devices," said Amy Rice, a gadget expert at Gazelle.

Services like want to remind you that many times you can get money for a trade-in. Here's how it works, you log into the site, click sell, let them know the make and model of your device and you get a quote. If you're happy with it, you send it in, they cut you check.

"Say the previous generation iPhone is sitting around your house, you can get upwards of $300 for that old phone that's just sitting around," Rice said.

It's also a good option if you're looking to save money on an upgrade. Instead, you'll hit buy. A good option for kids who want a new device but you don't want to pay top dollar for.

"So you can get an iPhone 5, 16 gigabit for no more than $200. So it's a great way to get that certified pre-owned device that you know it's going to work," she said.

If you are considering trading in, you're advised to clear your personal data off the device first, but Gazelle says they will also clear it to ensure safety.

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