Yale asseses Emergency Plan following Orlando massacre

NEW HAVEN, Conn (WTNH) -- Since the shootings in Orlando, cities, towns, and institutions all across the country are reassessing their emergency response plans.

That includes Yale University.

"After every event, we read, we incorporate and try to adjust," said Maria Lavandier-Bouffard, the Director of Emergency Management at Yale University.

The school produced a video following a scare on campus back in November in 2013.

A disturbing, but real look at a mass shooting scenario shows a fictional gunman loose on campus.

For the thousands of people and students that are part of the Yale community, the plan is extensive and thorough to save lives.

Plan, evaluate, respond.

If something does happen, the university president and police decide on when to issue an alert across multiple platforms.

"Email, text, and voice, that is the Yale alert, and we would send it out pretty rapidly," said Lavandier-Bouffard.

Redundancy includes message alerts sent to Facebook and Twitter, as well.

"Whether it's activating interior speakers, exterior speakers, we really want to get the message out if we had to get the message out," said Lavandier-Bouffard.

A school renowned for learning, taking lessons from the horrible shooting across the nation, including the Orlando massacre.

Adjusting and hoping the day never arrives, but preparing just in case it does.

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