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Keeping your pets safe during the holidays

(WTNH) -- Jon Nowinski of Connecticut Emergency Animal Response Services (EARS) is giving pet owners tips on how to protect their furry friend this holiday season.

Jon says just like people, dogs need to keep warm in winter weather. He suggests limiting their time outdoors when the weather gets really cold.

Owners should make sure their pets' paws are wiped off when they come inside to prevent them from licking their paws. Their feet could be coated with ice melt and similar products from walking outside.

Be cautious when walking your dog outside and letting them run free. Jon says one of the most common call EARS receives in the winter is from dog owners who say their dog slipped on ice, or even fell through an iced-over pond.

For cat owners, Jon says to watch your cat around new holiday decorations.

Cats tend to find things to chew on, and ribbons, tinsel and holiday plants could be tempting to them.

The danger of chemicals for cats is high as well, especially when they are tracked in on people's boots from outside.

Pet owners should make sure that boots are stored somewhere their cats or dogs are not likely to get at them. At the very least, make sure your boots are wiped clean before going into the house.

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