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What's Right With Schools: Patience a virtue at Totoket Valley Elementary School

NORTH BRANFORD, Conn. - Patience is an important trait being taught at one local elementary school.

What better way to teach patience than with some cool high school kids that younger students look up to?

That's the game plan in North Branford, and so far, its had some amazing results.

The dream team is in the building at Totoket Valley Elementary School. It's a group of students from North Branford High School.

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They work with the kids on positive character traits, and the kids listen.

"How to wait, how to be okay with waiting, and not that instant gratification which is sometimes labeled with this generation to take a step back, think things through and be a little more reflective," explained Principal Carter Welch.

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The lessons from these cool mentors have helped Charlie O'Brien.

"When I get a hard problem in math, I just think about it and I don't complain," O'Brien explained.

The amazing thing about all of this is that it's helped the high school students too!

Watch the video above to learn how.

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