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Are you hurricane ready?

Storm damage is still visible along the shoreline in Milford, but even though the sand isn't packed with beach goers, the time to start planning for a storm is now.

Battalion Chief Anthony Fabrizi with the Milford Fire Department notes, "Because of the complexity of these storms and the amount of time needed to prepare properly for them, now is the time to prepare well in advance."

Step number one is making a plan. Find out if you're in a zone that needs to evacuate in a big storm. Check to see if you have any big trees around your house. Also talk to your family about a meeting place in the event of an emergency, even if it's never happened before.

"There are people that say, 'It will never happen to me' and they're the ones who are crying for help when it does happen." said Lou Maida, a Milford resident.

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So, it's important to have multiple plans, especially if you live along the shoreline.

"Whether you're going to stay in place or you're going to evacuate to a shelter. If you're going to remain in place, you're going to need some basic supplies to get through the days after the storm," mentioned Fabrizi.

Those things include clean drinking water, flashlights, food, and medication in an emergency preparedness kit. It's also smart to take things like your insurance cards and home paperwork and put them in an easily accessible waterproof bag.

And never forget, it's always better to be over-prepared and not have to use it than to be underprepared and get yourself into a potentially dangerous situation. 

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