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Outdoor sports on hold for now

MADISON, Conn. (WTNH) - March was a really difficult month of weather after February's brief warm-up. Now, April obviously isn't cooperating either.

In fact, the only signs of fun in Madison at the soccer field is the leftover piles of snow where kids were doing some sledding, and it doesn't look like it will be opening anytime soon.

Scot Erskine, Director of Beach and Rec. Department in Madison said, "The sun is really good now because it's nice and strong so when we get those bring sunny days everything was starting to dry up and we were able to work the fields, but this is just a setback."

Erskine is used to some setbacks in his three decades of running the Rec. Department in Madison, but this year has been anything but normal.

"Normal's changed a lot. We used to be able to mid-late March we'd be able to get out and on the fields. This year, everything's dormant still," noted Erskine.

Besides dormant, the ground is soaked after a wet start to 2018. Not only have we seen about 30% more precipitation than on average this year, but we've also been graced with a lot of days that are rainy, cloudy, and chilly. The more clouds, the more cold, the less drying out we do and that's exactly why this season has been so delayed.

So, when will the kids get back out on the field?

Hopefully soon. Erskine mentioned, "We don't know. Hopefully next week. We need some drying time and we'll be able to open up all the natural surfaces next week."

So, all we need is a little bit of sunshine and a little less rain for the kids to be able to get out there to play their little league games. If you're hoping to be out there anytime soon, it does look to be a pretty active weather pattern at least for the next couple of weeks.

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