Stretch Your Dollar: Ways to save this 4th of July

We are coming up on the 4th of July and that makes this a big week to save money. We are stretching your dollar with where to find good deals this week and what’s not worth your money.

How California went from success story to virus hot spot

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Heading into Memorial Day weekend, California’s mood was celebratory. The state had avoided dire predictions of a coronavirus surge, hospitalizations were starting to decline and restaurants and most other businesses had reopened. As July 4th approaches, the mood has soured. Infection rates and hospitalizations are rising fast. Most bars have been […]

Businesses weigh reopening – or close again – as cases rise

It’s not the reopening businesses were hoping for. After months of shutdown, restaurants, stores and even amusement parks announced their reopening with fanfare. But now that states like Texas and Arizona are seeing alarming surges in reported cases of COVID-19, businesses large and small must decide whether to keep their doors open. In some cases, […]

Fun toys to keep kids occupied for under $20

These days parents are looking for toys that are great at keeping kids occupied and having fun, but in a way that does not break the bank.

National Guard called in to quell violence in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A fourth day of violence in Los Angeles prompted the mayor to impose a rare citywide curfew and call in the National Guard after demonstrators clashed repeatedly with officers, torched police vehicles and pillaged businesses in a popular shopping district. Mayor Eric Garcetti said Saturday he asked Gov. Gavin Newsom for […]

US, Russia share a complex and bloody history in Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Moscow and Washington are intertwined in a complex and bloody history in Afghanistan, with both suffering thousands of dead and wounded in conflicts lasting for years. Now both superpowers are linked again over Afghanistan, with intelligence reports indicating Russia secretly offered bounties to the Taliban to kill American troops there. But analysts […]

Peru giving up on virus measures in face of sinking economy

LIMA, Peru (AP) — On the same day that the Peruvian government announced another grim increase in the number of coronavirus infections, thousands of people packed together in hourslong lines outside shopping malls for a chance to buy a new sweater, sneakers or computer. Peru — which has reported the world’s sixth-highest number of cases […]

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