New Year’s Eve safety reminders

You likely already have your New Year’s Eve plans in place. Law Enforcement Expert Gary MacNamara, Director of Public Safety at Sacred Heart University, is making sure you have a safe and healthy holiday.

How to get over the New Year’s Eve hangover

Do you tend to wake up on January 1 with a bit of a headache and the spins? Do you feel the need to reach for a gallon of water? Chances are you are suffering from veisalgia…more commonly known as a hangover.

Create these adorable New Year’s Eve cupcakes

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (NEXSTAR) — These classic cupcakes are sure to be the talk of your New Year’s Eve party! You can follow the recipe below for delicious, rich chocolate cupcakes with homemade frosting. Or use Peter Gray’s decorating advice to jazz up cupcakes made from a box mix.  New Year’s Eve Cupcakes     Supplies […]

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