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Scientists find new way to kill disease-carrying mosquitoes

NEW YORK (AP) — Scientists say they nearly eliminated disease-carrying mosquitoes on two islands in China using a new technique. The downside: It may not be practical for larger areas and may cost a lot of money. In the experiment, researchers targeted Asian tiger mosquitoes, invasive white-striped bugs that can spread dengue fever, Zika and […]

Bacteria-infected mosquitoes take bite out of deadly dengue

WASHINGTON (AP) — They still bite, but new research shows lab-grown mosquitoes are fighting dangerous dengue fever that they normally would spread. Dengue infections appear to be dropping fast in communities in Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil and Australia that are buzzing with the specially bred mosquitoes, an international research team reported Thursday. It’s the first evidence […]

Milford starts annual battle with mosquitoes

Soon, you and your family will be outdoors having picnics, gardening, going camping, but if this spring continues to be as wet as it has been, you are going to have plenty of company. Six-legged company. The kind that bites.

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