Flat tire season starts

Chilly weather is returning as we head further and further into Fall. For the first time since I bought my car 20,000 miles ago I heard an unfamiliar *ding* sound after turning on the ignition yesterday. First thing I did was scream, second thing I did was look down for the check engine light. No […]

Temps Drop, So does your Tire Pressure

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)- Cold weather often times means low tire pressure and many cars have automatic sensor built into them to make sure that you’re aware when your car has low tire pressure. So why is it happening and can’t you just ignore that light? Gary Christiansen, Service Manager Premier Subaru stated, ” Every […]

Is your ride ready for spring?

As you roll your cars window down with warmer weather, you might be noticing some extra sounds coming from your car that you didn’t notice before the winter came.

Is your car ready for summer?

(WTNH)–After a rough winter of dodging pot holes, it’s time to get your car ready for summer, and it all starts with what makes you stop! Richard Pudelka Sr., Manager, Monro Muffler, Hamden said, “Brakes run on friction, friction is heat. Now what’s going to happen when it’s real hot in the summer, you’re going […]

Don’t like the cold? Neither does your car

EAST HAVEN, Conn (WTNH) – Winter is coming, and with temperatures heading down to the teens, it’s time to make sure your car can handle the cold. David Amatruda of Torello Tire in East Haven popped the hood and checked the battery on a Ford SUV. When the hand-held machine was done with its scan, it […]

8 tips before hitting the road for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the day when people hit the road in the United States to go to their loved ones’ houses, but there is nothing more frustrating than your car not making it all the way there.

Are you ready for the chill?

I’m sure this won’t come as a surprise to you. We have been on borrowed time for over a month with incredibly warm temperatures for this time of the year. I’m sad to report that the end is near. We have a big old cool-down on the way with the coldest temps in months on […]

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