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Meteorologist Sam Kantrow joined Storm Team 8 in February, 2011, first as a weather producer and web meteorologist for WTNH, and is now part of Storm Team 8’s on-air crew.

Born and raised in Hamden, Sam is a graduate of Western Connecticut State University and has a B.S. in Operational Meteorology and Weathercasting. Before coming to News 8, Sam interned at WVIT in Connecticut.

A local boy through and through, Sam’s weather interest began at a very young age, when the tornado that went through Hamden on July 10, 1989 narrowly missed his house! Ever since then, he has loved the weather, and anything about the weather. Sam grew up watching the meteorologists on News 8 and always wondered what it would be like to be in their shoes.

In his spare time, Sam enjoys traveling, DIY projects, carpentry, and loves cars (and weather of course).

8 Things you didn’t know about Sam Kantrow:

Favorite memory / story from working at News 8? 

I think back to all of the storms over the years I’ve been working at the station, and it’s truly amazing. We had a record early snowstorm that caused one of the worst power outages in Connecticut history. We had Sandy and Irene…multiple tornado touchdowns, oh and how about 40 inches of snow? I HATE snow…many of you probably already know that. Even though I’ve been here my whole live, I like winter for about a month, and then back to the heat and humidity of summer! The night of February 8th, 2013 is probably one of the most memorable ones. I remember sitting at the restaurant in The Study hotel in New Haven…sitting next to coworkers…looking out the window, and watching a bike tied to a pole literally disappear with snow falling at 6 inches per hour. I think that memory is one I’ll never forget.

What inspired you to work in news/weather?

My love for meteorology started at the age of six. It’s funny, many meteorologists have a story that starter their love for weather. I actually originally wanted to be an astronaut but “settled” on weather when I realized it might be tough to get into outer space. When I was a little kid, a huge tornado touched down in Hamden. It originally dropped across from our house. My parents told me the story of how everything happened. Dad and brother were driving back from getting a haircut, and my mom and I were in the living room playing. She said it sounded like an 18 wheeler truck. Trucks like that never go by our street. I don’t remember if I recall that memory, or if they always told me the story but it put a bug in my ear that created a passion for meteorology that will last a lifetime. To be able to do what I love, in the place I love, near the people I love, is truly a dream come true!

What is your favorite restaurant in New Haven?

Okay here’s the funny thing. I was born in Hamden, aka the town next to New Haven, but we didn’t really go into New Haven much. I haven’t really gone to many places to eat there but I have been to some of the hot spots. I do keep Kosher, so all the good meat dishes are a no go for me! Good thing I can eat pizza, so clearly…wait for it…it’s gotta be Pepe’s Pizza. Also love this place called Sababa (it’s on Whitney Ave), they have some of the best falafel I’ve had in the US!

Who is your favorite musician/ band and/or best concert you ever been to?

I was pretty lucky to have my first concert ever be Billy Joel, so I’m not sure that many people can start with such a huge headliner. I am a big country music fan, and I’ve seen Zac Brown Band a handful of times now. They’re great entertainers, and amazing singers.

What’s the best dish you can make?

Cooking is something that I’ve always loved. I was a food network baby (helped give me a chubby phase from 12-18 years old). I think my favorite dish to make is something I invented (if I didn’t invent    it, just lie and tell me I did). I cook fettuccine noodles in boiling water salted with soy sauce, then I put oil in a pan (just a little bit), and add a big spoonful of peanut butter, add soy sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, and ginger. Toss in some chicken, cook it up until there is some color and a lot of extra sauce. Toss in the pasta, and eat! It sounds gross but it tastes like some of the best Thai noodles you’ll ever eat (and it’s pretty cheap too).

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

I’ve been to some of the best places before…Paris, Rome, England, and Israel. I would LOVE to go to Australia, but that’s not a one week trip. I’d like to take a month and head over there. Anyone want to email my bosses to see if I can get that time off? haha

What’s something you don’t know about me?   

I sang in a choir for many years as a kid. Music endlessly runs through my head and I hum to my self all the time. I don’t even realize I’m doing it most of the time. I love singing, and I have a very good voice but since my voice dropped (thanks puberty), I have sung for almost nobody in my adult life. I hope to face that fear and start singing lessons soon.

What are your hobbies / hidden talents?

Why do these questions look like I’m setting up an online dating profile? haha. I worked construction in high school, and did maintenance work for 8 years when I was younger. I started cleaning, then plunging toilets, then doing a little bit of carpentry work…now I can do framing, sheet rock, roofing, electrical, etc. I guess I can build a house at this point, which is pretty cool! It saves money on having to call a plumber I guess!

I also have a motorcycle and love riding across the state. I take it out every chance I can get. Love golf too…terrible at it (I’m not just saying that…my average 18 hole game is over 100).

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