JUAREZ, Mexico (Border Report) – A private zoo in Juarez is the new home for two Bengal tigers rescued earlier this year from extreme neglect in a facility near Mexico City.

The two females arrived this week at Recreativo San Jorge, a water park and zoo in the El Sauzal neighborhood. The tigresses were among nearly 200 big cats previously held at the Black Jaguar-White Tiger sanctuary, where Mexican authorities reported earlier this year some of the animals had started to eat each other for self-preservation.

“It’s very sad when a sanctuary falls into such condition that animals die,” said Carmen Ibarra, a veterinarian at the San Jorge water park and zoo. “They’re already in danger of extinction and zoos are trying to preserve the species.”

Ibarra said one of the tigresses arrived with multiple skin injuries, while the other appears to be in fairly good shape. “Both are still underweight,” she said.

The San Jorge water park and zoo in Juarez, Mexico. (Border Report photo)

The zoo wasn’t told what the names of the tigresses were and has not decided yet what to call them.

The Black Jaguar-White Tiger sanctuary was funded by a California-based foundation and became home to big cats, especially since Mexico banned wild animal performances in circuses in 2015. Tigers and other large felines since July have been routed to public zoos and private facilities.

The San Jorge center holds more than 60 species of animals. According to its website, those include lions, bears and additional Bengal tigers.

Local news reports have called the zoo run by the Silva family a hidden gem and say at times has kept American bison, an African elephant, leopards, and jaguars. It holds concerts, Mexican pro wrestling matches, has swimming pools, basketball and volleyball courts.