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A2Z Launches a Dealership Experience Platform™ to help boost showroom productivity

DENVER, Jan. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- A2Z Sync has been helping Dealerships change the way cars are sold by delivering a more streamlined and transparent experience. With the launch of our Dealership Experience Platform (DXP™), Dealers can now provide a better experience to their Customers, Managers, and Salespeople.

Dealership Experience Platform™ to help boost showroom productivity and customer satisfaction.

DXP™ is a fully-integrated customer-facing system that allows Salespeople to begin supporting the Customer Online and smoothly transition them through Desking, Credit Submittal, and Finance Menu, whether In-Store or Remote.

"Dealers need a platform that works in harmony with their Process, rather than in discord. Systematizing a Dealers Process via DXP improves the ways in which Managers measure and compare their people, resulting in an improved Dealership Experience that better resonates with Customers," said Natalia Giner, CEO and Co-Founder of A2Z Sync. 

A2Z built something that anyone can use, from a barista to a mathematician. Why? Because Dealers need their teams to be more flexible than ever, and can benefit from recruiting with a wider net. With DXP™ new employees, regardless of their background, can be selling cars your way faster.

The best outcomes occur when Managers have full visibility into their Process, People, and Customers, and use that information to direct their Team/s to better help Customers. You already have what's needed to succeed—your People.

"In the words of Mike Tyson, 'Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.' That's what it feels like most days at the dealership. Managers start with a perfect plan and then get punched in the face with trade-ins, deals, customer complaints, and questions from sales people. With insights from our DXP, your managers can stay on top of the business when it matters most. Right now," said Brian Allee, CRO of A2Z Sync. 

You need a Platform that systematizes your Process, minimizes your single-point-of-failure risk, enables your People to be more cross-functional, and provides your Management with real-time insight.

About A2Z

At A2Z Sync, we help you and your people achieve optimal results by providing a platform that adapts to your process and selling style, while providing your people with real-time insight.

Our Dealership Experience Platform (DXP™) enables management in real time your way.

Swing by Booth #6448 at NADA in Dallas to see how A2Z and DXP™ can help you and your people win.

To learn more about A2Z, please visit us at

A2Z Sync's software helps dealerships still process back into the sales process with the live manager dashboard and real-time reporting. That allows managers and dealers to track what is happening in the stores and to be able to use the software to train best practices.

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