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Celebrating Extraordinaire - Neuworldz Recognizing Professionals Across Industries Defines Good Work Never Go Unnoticed

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Neuworldz Annual Recognitions Of Professionals Across The Globe Who Are Making A Positive Difference On Society With Their Work Draws Positive Emotions

CHICAGO, IA, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- In the recent days where lay-offs and downsizing across the industries including Meta, Twitter and many other corporate giants has been affecting mindsets negatively, a simple positive initiative from a start-up just won the hearts. A kind gesture goes a long way and Neuworldz just showed that. As a start up Neuworldz has been making positive impact since the days of the pandemic with its quality content on enabling businesses build online visibility. But what goes a long way is their value-based vision which says “To be a good professional, one needs to be a better human being” as stated by Neuworldz CEO Shrabonee Paul. Neuworldz has always emphasized on good work and makes a genuine effort to recognize exemplary actions done by individuals or businesses across the globe. They say good work never goes unnoticed and Neuworldz just defines it with their actions. The US based start-up has been drawing attention for all the right reasons and this time it is for recognizing professionals across industries whose work make a positive impact on society.

In the recent past, Neuworldz has been in the news for various outstanding programs. From hosting an international webinar for career transition support webinar program for military veterans, to bringing together celebrities across the biggest film industries to share their support for noble cause. From enabling small businesses to build visibility and attract clients to other businesses expand across geographies, the start up has been making a good impact on the industries. But with their recent announcement, it is pretty clear that they believe in celebrating good work, no matter how big or small and does not shy away from acknowledging those who do it.

Neuworldz recently released their Recognitions List for 2021 -22 on LinkedIn and it sent a very warm and encouraging message across professionals and industries. The Neuworldz recognitions list includes professionals across different industries such as academicians, actors, law enforcement officers, military veterans, CEOs, business leaders, Artists and animal welfare activist, corporate professionals, writers, sports persons, creative professionals, and more. This goes to say that no matter what profession one is into, good work and positive impact on society never goes unnoticed. The program has played a catalyst to many professionals who wanted to build their personal brand and shine in their field and profession. As Neuworldz continues to help businesses build their brands and scale their business, their programs have immensely helped both individuals and organizations to get noticed and attract right opportunities that contributed towards their growth.

Neuworldz is led by Indo-American entrepreneur Shrabonee Paul who is better known for her successful work in the field of Organizational Development for Fortune 500 companies through her career. She also got noticed as an artist and writer with her debut book ‘Musings of a Wandering Mind – a collection of short stories’ which brought to light her creative side. With Neuworldz, Shrabonee brings together her analytical and creative sides to help her clients. As Neuworldz helped many small and mid-sized businesses tide over the pandemic challenges with their services, it also drew attention far and wide for the learning webinars and insightful conversations hosted on the program on Inspirations and Aspirations. The interviews and webinars garnered viewers worldwide for its simplicity yet positively rich content and concept, which brought forward the subtle yet matters of paramount importance which impacts both individuals and industries. This was primarily a reason that this program saw the engagement of several celebrities who found value in these conversations and programs.

Neuworldz is currently inviting nominations for the next season of interviews with industry stalwarts and business leaders on Inspirations and Aspirations. And we are excited to see more good work getting noticed, promoted and celebrated by the world as Neuworldz brings them to light. In a candid moment, Shrabonee Paul shared her dream and desire to take Inspirations and Aspirations as a television reality program giving it a much bigger, better scale to celebrate many more wonderful people and their work across the globe and hoping to find investors and sponsors who share and support the vision. Going by the determination and thought leadership that she exuberates, it is likely to be a reality sooner than imagined.

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