STORRS, Conn. (WTNH) — The University of Connecticut (UConn) is looking to bring the Storrs campus back to near-full capacity for the fall semester. This comes as stores and restaurants across Connecticut went back to full capacity last week.

Keep in mind, this is just a plan. For now, they are going to try to return the campus numbers back to nearly the pre-COVID levels, which is good news, after a long academic year.

Emmanuel Adelani, a senior at UConn, said, “I have been here four years and no one ever imagined we would go out this way.”

“I’m very jealous. I am a senior but I think it is a good thing to get students back in the classroom,” another student added.

For seniors, a tough way to end college. But freshman don’t really know the difference.

“I don’t have any in-person classes so I am looking forward to going in-person, full-capacity and meeting a lot more people, and meeting my professors in-person,” one freshman said.

“I will be able to actually find out what some of these buildings are,” another added.

The University of Connecticut released an email to students saying that if all goes well, 93% of all undergraduate classes will be offered in-person this fall, with on-campus housing at 90% capacity.

Students weighed in:

“I have been doing a lot of projects online; I definitely miss the creativity of in-person projects.”

“I am really missing the in-person labs, and hands-on experience.”

“Math is not really a subject that I think should be taught online.”

And while the university says they’re planning for more in-person classes and denser housing so they can have more of a normal college feel next fall, the question is what will the numbers do? They are encouraging students to get vaccinated especially when they go back home for the summer: come back vaccinated that way it will be a more stable campus in the fall.

Meer Kareem, a junior said, “I am currently fully vaccinated, and now that I’m hearing 90% capacity people should be more open to taking the vaccine.”

Taj Brown, a senior added, “Vaccination is very important. If a lot of people have resistance to the virus then we won’t have to be worried about wearing masks the way we are.”

Nearly all summer classes will be offered online only. The full reentry plan for the fall will be released the last week in May.