(WTNH)–The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven is working to help New Haven be the best that it can be.

A panel of folks on the ground floor of helping people were taking a look at the challenges facing immigrants, refugees, and people of color. New Haven, a sanctuary city protecting all, is looking at how to uphold democratic values in these changing times.

“This year the challenges are enormous, not only budgetary challenges at the state level, policy changes in things like health care and immigration at the federal level, but a national environment that is divisive that frankly is hateful,” said William Ginsburg, President and CEO of the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven.Related Content: The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven: Giving Tuesday

Ginsburg served as moderator for the event at New Haven’s Lawn Club. Hundreds were in attendance, listening to what was being said about about how to move the city ahead in an ever-changing and sometimes unrecognizable world.

On the panel were Dr. Alice Forrester, CEO of the Clifford Beers Clinic, Dr. Michael Taylor, CEO of the Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center, and Kica Matos, Director of Immigrant Rights and Racial Justice at the Center for Community Change.

“Our demographics are changing, we have a really vibrant immigrant community, we have a robust African-American community,” said Matos. “This is a very racially mixed and economically mixed community and we have had really progressive policies, particularly as they pertain to our immigrant community.”

“We have a long tradition of being a caring, together community that cares for its people that is inclusive and welcoming, and we feel challenged in that regard.”

It is the hope that as people come together and problem solve that the city will be better for it as it heads into 2018.

If you’d like to learn more about the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, or if you’d like to get involved, visit them online at cfgnh.org