WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– Edibolic Kitchen is used to preparing large quantities of meals, but the volume they are putting out during this Coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented. 

Thanks to donations from the New York City nonprofit, Rethink Food, the healthy meal prep company in West Haven is able to provide meals at no cost to those in need during this time. 

“Whatever we can do for people in a time of need is a great way to give back,” said owner Josh Wechsler. “Our staff has been working so hard to get these out and it’s nice that everybody’s kind of stepping up.” 

The kitchen is making close to 11,000 meals per week that are then brought to those in need down in the nation’s Coronavirus epicenter, New York City. 

“They’ve gone to different community centers as well as hospitals in the area, being able to provide to the people who need the food,” said Wechsler. 

And providing these meals has proven to be mutually beneficial. In addition to giving back to those in need, the donations have allowed the kitchen to remain open, keep it’s staff employed and even hire five more people. 

“I’m looking around and no one has jobs,” said James Sorbo, a member of Edibolic’s kitchen staff. “So I’m definitely grateful that I’m able to still work and pay the bills.” 

Edibolic Kitchen plans to continue this as long as the need persists. The staff is proud to make an impact during this time. 

“It feels really good knowing that what we’re doing matters,” said Sorbo. “Every day we know it definitely affects the world for the better.”