BRANFORD, Conn. (WTNH)– Hundreds of people came together Sunday along the shoreline to raise money for a disease that affects one in every 18,000 people.

That disease is known as ALD, a genetic disease passed down from a mother to her child. The brain disorder destroys nerve cells that help us think and move our muscles.

The “Hammerfest Triathlon” in Branford raised money for a national campaign known as “Brian’s Hope.” The funds will also help with additional screenings for newborns. Families who live with the disease say it’s so important.

“If you can catch it before symptoms begin they can be stopped once symptoms begin it’s too late,” said Susan Tibor, whose son had ALD.

Those who took part in Sunday’s triathlon had to swim, bike and run a total of 18 miles all together. In 2014 the event raised $75,000.