MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (WTNH) — Hurricane Maria left the island of Puerto Rico devastated. On Sunday, one Middletown church is helping those in need.

The World Mission Society Church of God held a disaster relief drive for Puerto Rico. It’s part of a multi-state effort to help those affected by the hurricane.Related Content: Fundraiser held in New Haven for Puerto Rico hurricane relief

Members of the church collected food, medical kits and toiletries. They also wrote letters of encouragement for hurricane victims.

“Because of the devastation on the island, we felt compelled as a church organization to help our nearby neighbors,” explained Carly Adames of the World Mission Society Church of God. “So for the past two weeks the members have been holding the drive at their workplaces and also at their schools.”

Some members of the church will be flying down to Puerto Rico and hand-delivering the items they collected.