AVON, Conn. (WTNH) — A French bakery in Avon run by Asian-born sisters is giving back while fighting back against racism and hate.

To champion their cause, Khamla Vorasane and her sister Chan Graham were born in the Southeast Asian country Laos, which was a French colony for some time.

Action speaks louder than words, so recently at their bakery BouNom, the sisters raised more than $4,000 for three groups: UConn Asian studies, Asian American Advancing Justice and the Asian American Legal Defense Fund.

Regarding the attacks on Asian Americans, Vorasane wants us to ask how did we get here.

“Having people discuss, or having discussions about what is going on in the Asian community, and how are they facing racism. The terminology I always like to use is how casual racism leads to actual racism that leads to physical violence to people of color, and that’s what you see what’s going on in the bigger cities,” Vorasane explains.

The sisters have raised money for several causes, like homeless shelters and veteran centers. BouNom is a combination of the names of their parents – Bou and Nom.

Vorasane said her mother, Nom, taught the girls that the best time to give is when you have very little because someone else has absolutely nothing.

State law enforcement and leaders are teaming up to combat potential Asian hate crimes in Connecticut. Connecticut FBI, Attorney General’s Office, US Attorney’s Office and Connecticut State Police Team have collaborated on a Public Service Announcement, aimed at members of Asian communities that do not report to law enforcement when they are victimized or are witnesses of crimes. The event to announce the campaign will be at 1 p.m. Thursday in New Haven.