(WTNH) – Now that Spring has sprung, it’s time to make sure our dogs are trained about outdoor playtime, including digging, eating poisonous plants, and more.

Dog Trainer Michelle McAdam says one of the best ways to keep your dog from digging your garden up is by getting a small sand box and putting their toys in there. Most of the time dogs dig out of boredom, so keep them occupied.

A huge concern for all dog owners are the dreaded fleas and ticks that emerge. “I use a tick and flea control all year around because a lot of our winters are not that cold and they lie dormat,” said McAdam.

Finally, one of the best things to train your dogs to do is to “Leave It”, which stops them from eating something they shouldn’t. “I teach dogs to ‘leave it’ which means to ignore and not even think about taking things out of the garden or off the street,” said McAdam.

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