New Haven, CT – (WTNH) Taking control of your financial future can be daunting but doesn’t have to be. A new state program is helping “Nutmeggers” save. It’s called ‘MyCTSavings.’

CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko recently spoke with Connecticut Comptroller Natalie Braswell, to learn all about the program and how it works.

Natalie says that the point of MyCTSavings is to allow for employers who don’t currently offer their employees a retirement savings plan, to be able to put one in place. The plan is run by the Comptroller’s office and it’s of no cost to the employers. All they have to do is put the names of their employees into the system to register them, and provide a roster, and the Comptroller’s Office does the rest.

Watch this interview to find out more about how this program can help you or your employees
save for retirement. Natasha and Natalie discuss the following:

  • Is there a significant need for a program like this?
  • How many CT Employees don’t have access to a retirement savings plan at work?
  • Is the program voluntary for businesses? Is it voluntary for employees?
  • What are the costs of participating in MyCTSavings for the businesses that are
    required to participate?
  • Will employees notice any changes, once a business enrolls in MyCTSavings?
  • What is the business rollout schedule for MyCTSavings?
  • How can businesses enroll, and learn more about the program?

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