New Haven, CT (WTNH) – Located in the heart of New Haven, CT is Wooster St., also known as the “Pizza Capital of Connecticut.” There are several popular restaurants there, that people count among their favorites for great Italian food, and among them is Abate Apizza & Seafood Restaurant. The Abate family is celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Abate Apizza on Wooster St. in New Haven.  

CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko recently welcomed family members Prisco Abate and his niece Laura Abate, to the CT Style Kitchen, to talk about their most popular pizzas, and what they’re doing to celebrate 30 years on Wooster St.

Prisco said that when his brother, Lou, the owner of Abate Apizza, was first setting up his business on Wooster St., a neighboring restaurant owner stopped by with discouraging words, saying, “Lou, just forget it! You’re never going to make it here.”

“And look,” Prisco said, “it’s 30 years later and he’s very successful, and still on Wooster St., which is the Pizza capital of the state.”

Lou’s daughter, Laura Abate, spoke about some of the most popular pies they offer. “Here we have the Grandma Pizza which is plum tomato basil. This is the party pizza. This has fresh tomato basil, and that’s traditionally a white pie. And on this half, it’s the plain with tomato sauce and grated cheese: It’s the Pecorino Romano and then, we also have a pepperoni pizza, which we do free, buy one, get one free slices every day, and we have the mozzarella, pepperoni and meatball for that.” Laura says, “The Grandma Pie is like potato chips. You just start eating it and you can’t stop!”

Abate Apizza has had some celebrity customers visit, including former President Clinton and his wife, who stopped by in 1993, and they’ve had singing groups and bands come in and hold parties in the restaurant.

The Abate family wants CT Style viewers to know about their 30th Anniversary Celebration, which takes place on Saturday, July 16, from 12- 4pm.  Come by for a free pizza slice, and bring your kids for a little gift, while supplies last. 

“It’s going to be a big celebration!” Prisco says. For more information and to see the menu, visit: