NEW HAVEN, CONN. (WTNH) — ACES Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven allows students to hone in on their talents and explore potential careers at a young age. 

“It isn’t for the student who wants to spend a little bit of time working in their chosen art form. It’s for kids who really want to delve deeply and get in touch with the aspects of learning that they know are going to sort of bring out their best selves and transform them,” says ACES ECA Principal, Leslie Abbatiello. 

With 5 floors of unique opportunity, students can connect with others from all over Connecticut. 

“There’s a musical theater class and there’s acting for singers in the music department and there’s writers that enjoy doing visual art. There is a lot of crossover and everyone kind of does a little bit of everything, and we love collaborating with other departments like that,” says student of ACES ECA, Marissa Dumais. 

Watch as CT Style’s Griffin Pierson takes us there to learn more.