New Haven (WTNH)-CTStyle Host Natasha Lubczenko recently spoke with Melissa Alers, Translation Services Coordinator for ACES, about the services they offer are helping to break down language barriers that can sometimes get in the way of education.

Melissa says, “Our department provides both written translation as well as verbal interpretation, including localization services, which can detect a dialect within a and within a community and within a country to better support our customers.”

How did this program come about? It’s all because of an increased need.

Melissa says, “There’s a definite need. And we’re seeing that more and more now. Not just within our schools but within surrounding districts as well.”

They offer a wide variety of different languages, and want to be able to support the community and meet them where there need is. 

Watch this segment to learn about how the ACES Translation Service works, and how it could impact your child’s educational experience.

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