NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Emily Angell performs on the Acoustic Café.

Hailing from the defunct factory town of Binghamton, NY, pop-folk singer/songwriter and producer Emily Angell is redefining a woman’s role in the music business, grassroots style. She can be seen all over New York singing, strumming and wailing on the harmonica. Fans describe her as “Jewel, but edgier” and notes that her songs “combine the conversational innocence of Taylor Swift with the slow-burn defiance of Alanis Morissette.”

In an industry where popular music can often feel inauthentic, Emily stands out not only with her progressive, emotionally-connected lyrical content, but with a naturally versatile set of vocal chords and a knowledge of both sides of the recording studio.

Her debut self-released EP The Upset (2011) received aplomb for its daring, acoustic approach, landing her heralding reviews from Women of Substance Radio and Emily’s sophomore EP Let Go (2015) exhibited her progressive folk-pop/rock style and secured her spots opening for well-known names in Alternative Radio like American Authors and Dreamers.

2016 has been an exciting year for Emily, as she engineered a re-release of her debut single “Revolution.” The re-release combines an Edie Brickell-inspired guitar groove with an old school hip hop beat. At a time of social upheaval and excited political discourse, “Revolution” has been extremely well received by millennials in particular, garnering her airplay on local radio in Westchester County, NY, where she currently resides. This summer, Emily embarked on her first international tour as a backup vocalist for emerging country star Jessica Lynn, who’s earned international attention with two PBS Television concert specials.

Emily Angell sets the bar for independent artists, popular music and female producers. By being connected emotionally, morally and socially, Emily believes the empathy that music fosters will change the world.

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