New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) – April is National Cannabis Awareness Month, a time meant to highlight the health benefits associated with marijuana. CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko was joined in the studio by Michele Vallee, who is a Family Nurse Practitioner and Certified Cannabis Practitioner. She is also the Owner and Medical Director of Advance Telemedicine, an online practice, which specializes in medical cannabis.

Michele spoke about her decision to add this specialty to her practice, which also treats everything from bronchitis and pneumonia to bee stings. She says, “We are a primary care practice. We started in 2019. As I was seeing more and more patients, I was getting asked questions about medical marijuana. And what caught my interest was these questions were coming from a wide variety of patients with very different symptoms and medical conditions. So, it inspired me to learn more about this miracle plant that promised all of these health benefits.”

After pursuing some additional training, Michele became a certified cannabis practitioner, and along with being a primary care practice, her group specializes in consulting patients about medical marijuana and determining if it might be a best treatment option for them.

Advance Telemedicine is completely virtual, and they service Connecticut residents from all over the state.

Watch this interview, and you’ll learn about this practice, as Michele Vallee answers the following questions:

  • What is the Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program all about?
  • How do you help your patients get involved in this?
  • What information do you cover with a patient when they register to
    go through the Medical Marijuana Card process with you?
  • What is the fee for Advance Telemedicine to qualify me?
  • What is the difference between a medical dispensary versus a recreational dispensary?
  • Why does anyone need a Medical Marijuana Card?
  • Why does a medical patient have to meet with the pharmacist at a Medical Dispensary the first time they go there?
  • What kind of medical conditions are on Connecticut’s approved list of qualifying conditions that could benefit from medical marijuana?
  • Does one have to have an exam to determine if their medical condition makes them
    eligible to receive a Medical Marijuana Card?

To learn more about Advance Telemedicine and the services they provide, or to book an appointment online, visit their website at: