NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — If you are looking for the ultimate solution for a healthy indoor environment, Aerus, formerly Electolux and their ActivePure Technology could answer.

The solution is called the Beyond Guardian Air. Aerus and their exclusive Activepure technology which disinfects both air and surfaces.

Activepure technology gets its roots in the NASA space program nearly 20 years ago and is recognized as a certified space technology and in NASA Hall of fame. Here with the details is New England Regional Director, Vince Aspromonti.

The following questions are answered:

  • Why do we need this?
  • Who needs this?
  • Its portable, how big of room does it disinfect?
  • Where can we get The Beyond Guardian Air?

Activepure should be part of every re-opening plan whether it be a business or school. Activepure should be in every home as well, it destroys on contact, all air and surface bacteria, viruses, and mold. Activepure helps stop the spread of the common cold and Flu virus.

To learn more, click the location near you, Seymour, Hartford, and Hamden.