New Haven, CT (WTNH) – In this series, guests weigh in on topics affecting our daily lives.
October is Hispanic Heritage Month, and CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko was joined
in the studio by Sr. Ana Gonzalez, Coordinator of International Admissions at Albertus
Magnus College.

In this interview, Sr. Ana speaks to Natasha about Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs now through October 15, its importance, and why she’s so excited about it.

Sr. Ana says, “First of all, I am Latina, so of course I’m going to be excited about Latino Heritage Month.” “But the contributions of Latinos from all over the United States are woven into our American tapestry, from our food, dances, and who hasn’t heard of “Bad Bunny” right? “ “We are celebrating the richness, the heritage and the traditions of Latinos all over the United States and their contributions. And at Albertus, where Latino culture, heritage and tradition is alive, we are celebrating this month with various activities and events, and we’re really thrilled about that.”

It all culminates at Albertus Magnus on October 4th with a Campus-Wide Fiesta event featuring
live music, games, and delicious Puerto Rican food.

Watch this interview and learn about how Albertus Magnus College embraces the Latinx
community all year long, and listen to Sr. Ana’s answers to the following questions:

  • At Albertus, the celebration doesn’t end in October. Is this really something your students and
    staff try to honor all year long?
  • Is it true that 24% of the student body identifies as Latinix?
  • Before students even get to college, what efforts does Albertus make to
    embrace the Latinx community?
  • Once the students are on campus, how do you celebrate and learn more about
    the Latinx heritage?
  • What are some of the academic programs Albertus offers that teach the
    history of Latinx culture?
  • Why is learning about history, celebrating, remembering – why is it all so important
    for the Latinx community and beyond?

For more information about Hispanic Heritage Month events at Albertus Magnus College, including the Campus-Wide Fiesta on October 4, visit: