New Haven, CT (WTNH) – AVELO airlines of New Haven is making travel convenient for many “Nutmeggers,” with flights taking off right here in New Haven. And being a new airline, people may wonder what their flight experience will be like. Well, Avelo Flight Attendant Kim Howard spoke with CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko about what travelers can expect, and about what inspired her to work for Avelo Airlines.

Kim said, “I was a nurse for 19 years, and I actually loved being a nurse. But this is a dream of mine to be a flight attendant. And what better opportunity to do that when it comes to your community?  So I only live about a block away from Avelo, from the Tweed Airport, and the opportunity opens and it’s just been magical ever since.”

It’s important to Kim that Avelo makes customer service a priority, which is a big part of why she joined. She gets great satisfaction out of being able to give customers what she calls, “the best of myself.”

For Kim, it’s not just about making sure that her passengers are comfortable, she says, “When we’re in that flight and we’re taking care of you, we’re giving you the best of ourselves. And we’re not just there for you, we’re there for your safety. We want to make sure you’re OK.”

Kim’s nursing background lends itself to assessing passengers’ needs, handling emergencies (including medical ones), and also, comforting nervous travelers.

The training for Flight Attendants is very extensive, according to Kim. They are all tested on their knowledge of standards and policies, as well as on their familiarity with the safety measures required to get passengers to their destination.

She says, “One of the things that most people don’t know is that the flight attendants are third in command on that plane. So, we work as one crew, together as a team, to make sure that your experience is as positive and safe as possible.”

Kim loves being involved in the Greater New Haven community. As an Avelo employee, we support the local Boys and Girls club and we’re involved with other organizations in East Haven and New Haven.

Kim says, “One of the great things about working at Avelo is that we go home every night. So, it’s better than that. I can even walk to work. Yes. I’m within the community and I’m only a block away, but I get to go home every night, because our planes return back to Tweed.”

“So, for a mother that has children and has a dream to be a flight attendant, you can do it, because you’re going to go home at night. For me, I turned 50 this year and this was a new adventure that I wanted to start.”

And Kim seems to be thoroughly enjoying this adventure. Her motto is, “Happy Mom, happy flight attendant, happy flight.”  She invites you to check it out for yourself.

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