New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) – Our state of Connecticut has many esteemed colleges and universities, and one local company is choosing to invest in them as part of its marketing campaign. CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko was joined in the studio by Avelo Airlines Head of Marketing, Travis Christ, to discuss their collegiate partnerships in Connecticut. Also joining the conversation was Michael Kassa, Associate Vice President for Corporate Partnerships at Quinnipiac University.

Travis shared how this particular partnership got started. He said, “Avelo was new to Connecticut in November of ’21, with our new service from Tweed New Haven Airport, and as part of our awareness marketing across the state, we’ve worked with five universities now, to sponsor athletics and academics and other things to help the airline create awareness among students and parents and alums, but also to support the community, which is an important part of our charter at Avelo.”

Through their five different university partnerships, Avelo has been able to provide free airline tickets for students, athletes, and game-winners. This has helped them to get the Avelo name out across the state, and also, to provide a variety of unique and exciting opportunities for students and parents.

From the university standpoint, Michael shares why this partnership is so beneficial to Quinnipiac University. He says, “What we try to do with our partnerships is take a little more of a holistic approach, so we don’t try to silo them into athletics partnerships and university partnerships. My job is to kind of bring everything together.”

Michael says that their partnership with Avelo began as a conversation with Travis, centered around an internship opportunity, which worked out very well. Later, they expanded that relationship into athletics and other areas.

He adds, “For us, it’s all about opportunity and engagement, finding the right partners to engage with, and providing opportunities for our students and the QU community. And Avelo definitely fits the bill on all of those fronts, right?”

Watch this interview and learn more about why this partnership works so well for both Avelo and Quinnipiac University, as Travis and Michael answer the following questions:

  • When people see the Avelo name on university campuses and sports arenas, what do you want them to think about?
  • Why are corporate sponsorships so important for colleges and universities?
  • Why is the development of real-world experience so important
     for today’s students?
  • What other universities and colleges are partnered with Avelo?

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