New Haven, CT (WTNH) – Did you know that in Connecticut you can now text 911 in an emergency? Attorney Alex Mario of the Carter Mario Law Firm joined CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko in the studio to discuss how this works.  

Now, of course, everyone knows that in an emergency you call 911, but now, you can actually text the number to ask for help. This service has been in place for a few years, but many people still aren’t aware of it.

Here are some of the situations where you may prefer to text vs. calling for help:

  • If you’re hearing impaired or deaf
  • If you have speech impairment
  • If you’re in a medical emergency and you can’t talk
  • If you’re in a dangerous situation, and you don’t want people
    around you to know that you’re asking for help.

Attorney Alex Mario wants you to know what should be included in this text, so that help can get to you as quickly as possible. She says, “They need to put in their exact location.  So, when you call 911, it targets where you are. It goes to the 911 call centers and tells them your location automatically.” “But, when you text, it doesn’t do that.  You really need to make sure to spell out your exact location so emergency responders can find you.”

And where, exactly do these texts go? They go to the same centers that 911 calls go to. They’re Connecticut Safety Centers, located around the state. They’re open 24/7 every single day of the year, so people are ready to help.

Alex reminds our viewers that, in either case – texting or calling – you can’t send photos or video through the 911 system. It’s just good to know that the images won’t go through, which is why it’s so important to write out what your location is.  

When asked if calls are more effective than texts to 911, Alex says, “You can really do either/or. It’s what you’re most comfortable with; whatever you feel the situation calls for.”

She reminds our viewers that, “It’s very important, especially in car accidents, that you do call the police so that you can report it. They can come to the scene, and you can get help. Make sure that you ask for help when you need it.” Alex says, “At the Carter Mario Law Firm, we deal with this all the time.”

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