MILFORD, CONN. (WTNH) — Connecticut is known for its iconic pizza scene, and Cast Iron Chef Kitchen and Bar delivers. With their cast iron pizza.

“This style is a cross between, a little bit of New Haven. Because it’s very thin, very crisp, but it’s cooked in a cast iron pan and when it comes out, it’s served to you still in a 500-degree pan and it stays hot for at least 15 minutes,” says The Cast Iron Chef, Attilio Marini. 

Pizza, pasta, beer and you can’t forget. All the food is served In cast iron. Located at the Connecticut Post Mall in Milford. This mall kitchen and bar is a bit different. 

“This is not your typical mall restaurant; this is a little different. Here at the cast iron chef kitchen, we also do a lot of homestyle cooking,” said Marini. 

Watch as CT Style’s Griffin Pierson takes us there to learn more.