New Haven, CT (WTNH) –The City of New Haven’s Health Department is helping families have a
safe summer by working to increase the city’s vaccination rate. CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko
recently spoke with Dr. Mehul Lalal, Community Services Administrator for the City, about where the vaccination rate stands right now, and about their efforts to accomplish this goal.

According to Dr. Lalal, the city’s population is currently about 75% fully vaccinated, but now there’s a newly eligible population, and that’s children who are 6 months old and older.

He says that they hear from many families who are relieved by this news, but there are still those who are vaccine hesitant.

Dr. Lalal reports that they’re not seeing any issues with the vaccines, and encourage families to get the shot. It will not only prevent more severe forms of the disease but will also protect others in the family (like people receiving chemotherapy) who cannot get vaccinated.

The City Health Department’s action plan involves working with partners Griffin Hospital, the State Dept. of Public Health and other health care providers, making vaccines available all over the city.

They’re offering “pop-up” sites on the New Haven Green and other locations, and Community Health Centers are playing a role as well. The providers are all working to inform residents that COVID-19 vaccinations are still available, and if adults are eligible for a booster, they should get that as well.

Local children have participated in helping to get the word out by contributing to ad campaign
materials that will be used in billboards on I-95 and in related tv spots, created by a New Haven ad agency. The kids helped design “memojis,” a technique borrowed from social media, and they recorded their own scripts, contributing to the campaign.

For those who are hesitant to vaccinate their very young children, Dr. Lalal recommends that parents talk to someone they trust, such as their pediatrician.

The New Haven Health Department will be holding a regular vaccination clinic at:

54 Meadow St  Open M-F 9am-5pm (and till 5:30pm on Th & Fr)

  • No appointment is necessary
  • Vaccinating ages 3+
  • No out of pocket cost
  • Bring insurance info and photo ID (if available).
  • Parent or guardian must be present if under 17 years of age.

Visit this website for a list of Covid-19 Vaccine Locations for Children 6 months +:

Check out this page for All New Haven COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic Information in English & Spanish

Or visit