New Haven, CT(WTNH) – Planning ahead for summer vacations is crucial to being prepared and actually able to relax on your well-deserved time off. If you’re interested in upgrading your organization game and learning some useful and stylish tips, you’ll want to watch this report.

CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko recently spoke with Lifetyle Expert Marisa Brahney about some of the products and practices that help her vacation adventures go smoothly, especially when she travels with her little ones, ages 6 and under.

Marisa says that one of her biggest challenges is that things are never where she needs them to be when she’s on the go.  Her solution:

– short for “attraction”  $27 – $84

This is an accessory holder line, made using extremely high-quality, strong magnets. It acts like a slap bracelet, which slaps or snaps on your purse or around your wrist so you can keep your keys, your wallet, your ID, right where you need them when you need them.

Marisa adds, “If you’re carting around kids through the airport or something, they’re really nice and secure. It’s high-quality vegan leather. That stripe is actually patent-pending and it has a very nice, luxury look, which I love.”

Another important thing when you’re on the go is fueling your body. Planning to pack snacks that are easy and protein-packed are essential for getting to your final destination.

One of Marisa’s favorites is Wonderful Pistachios:

She says, “The ‘No Shells’ are perfect, because this is the highest protein snack nut with six grams of protein per serving, and three grams of fiber. So that really helps keep you full and focused, not
to mention a great flavor lineup. So, there are lots of options to choose from, including Chili, Roasted Honey, Roasted Barbecue and Sea Salt & Vinegar.

“They actually have the little 2.25 oz packages that are perfect to ‘snack-stash’ in your bag or you have the bigger bags as well. So, really yummy.”

Summertime travel often includes hitting the pool or the beach, and this fun-in- the-sun activity can take a toll on your hair. Marisa’s tip for keeping your locks looking healthy:

Detox Dynamo Clarifying Shampoo by Noughty, available at ULTA, $9.99

Marisa says, “Chlorine especially can do a number on our hair, so it’s really important to protect it this time of year. The Detox Dynamo Clarifying Shampoo from Noughty is perfect post-pool for the vacation.”
Noughty is actually a vegan and cruelty-free haircare line, so each of their products is made with a minimum of 97% natural ingredients. The Detox Dynamo has peppermint and sorrel leaf extract that gently cleanse and purify your hair. This is important because that doesn’t strip it of the moisture that we actually really need in these summer months. I just love this for purification, post-pool.”

Natasha also asked Marisa about what stylish trends she’s seeing in her vacation travels.

Marisa says, “This summer it’s all about fun pops of color to help inspire us to really make the most of our vacations, because we’ve missed a lot over the past few years. So accessories tend to do that. I wanted to show you this line. This is Soignè Luxury Accessories out of Baltimore. So many fun, colorful pieces for vacation.”

 Soignè Luxury Accessories –

Marisa loves that all these products are hand-sketched, designed and handmade by the owner, Ashley Clark. Soignè offers fun, statement hats, which are great for the beach, and headbands, both with decorative beading and colorful accents.

She’s also a fan of their bold, “statement” earrings, both large and small, and she suggests you elevate your vacation look with one of their “showstopper” bags.

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