If you’re not getting enough sleep, it can be detrimental to your health. We age quicker, gain weight and crave bad food. But Lisa Lynn, the creator of LynFit Nutrition, has some dos and don’ts to help you catch some ZZZs.

LynFit Nutrition is a leader of protein powders, bars, and vitamins and supplements, including those that support sleep

“Lack of sleep has become the number one health issue plaguing our world today,” Lynn said. 

DON’T: Take Sleeping Pills

When it comes to snoozing, she says don’t take sleeping pills.

“What people don’t realize is it works against the body, not with it, and it causes all sorts of new problems,” Lynn explained.

DO: Take a Natural Approach

Instead, do take a natural approach.

“Melatonin is one of my favorites because it does not affect weight loss,” Lynn said.

The hormone can be found in LynFit Nutrition’s Lean Sleep.

“Melatonin tablets work best because they’re slow and they can digest slowly versus being released too quickly, but make sure you’ve got pure supplements, that the quality is there, because you’ll be able to get away with taking less,” Lynn said.

DON’T: Napping

Her next don’t is napping.

“Napping actually sets you up for sleep failure, if you will, unless you can do it eight to nine hours prior to bedtime and even yet naps should be limited to 20 minutes,” she said.

DO: Put your Feet up

Instead, do put your feet up.

“Elevate your feet up so they’re parallel to the floor, because that helps venous flow return, so the blood goes back to our heart, which is very restorative to the body,” Lynn explained.

DON’T: Overstimulate

Also, don’t overstimulate with things like technology and coffee

“You should limit yourself to one cup per day, 60 mg per hour, and stop drinking it at least eight to nine hours before bed,” Lynn said.

And limit your screen time three to four hours before going to sleep.

“And absolutely do not get up in the middle of the night and flip on your iPad,” Lynn stressed. “Read a book with a binder, so that it sets you up for sleep versus preventing it.”

DO: Support Sleep Hygiene

Lastly, do support sleep hygiene.

“Shut off all the lights in your room,” Lynn recommends. “Have a routine. Go to bed at the same time every day and stick to that routine even on the weekends for best sleep. It’s one of the best things we all can do for our health.”

A couple of final sleep tips from Lynn are to skip the alcohol, and exercise during the day even if you feel tired. Both help promote better sleep. To learn more about LynFit Nutrition, visit LynFit.com.