CHESHIRE, Conn. (WTNH) Doctor Renee Kurtz has changed the way her patients feel about going to the dentist. Her investment in the latest technology means that she no longer has to inject patients with novocaine or use a drill during some procedures. Instead she uses a laser which she says only gives patients a wet sensation.

“This laser is amazing. I can do fillings, crown restorations, gum tissue work with no novocaine” says Dr. Kurtz who adds “It has really changed my practice, the way my patients view dentistry.” She says the device pulsates ten thousand lasers per second, which dulls the tooth’s nerve endings, shocking the tooth into being numb.

One patient who had an old filling replaced with the laser was glad that he could head right to a business meeting without a numb mouth. “I won’t be dribbling when I drink my coffee. I’ll be able to talk and sound like a normal person” said the patient named E.J.

The laser isn’t the only bit of technology making visits quicker and easier for patients. Dr. Kurtz also has a scanner and 3-D printer, enabling her to measure, fit and install crowns in just one day.

Teeth whitening and straightening are also very popular services. For straightening Dr. Kurtz uses a system called OrthoFX. The system uses a series of clear aligners to straighten teeth. Aligners are changed weekly. Dr. Kurtz explains how an aligner works. “It starts to move the teeth without any brackets and without any pain or sensitivity” says Kurtz.

For whitening Dr. Kurtz uses the GLO system, which uses LED light technology to whiten teeth.